Student Testimony Videos

Sydney Lange (Cosmetology)

Sydney Lange attended RIVEROAK's Nail Technician and Cosmetology Program. Lange details her time spent on RIVEROAK's campus in a student testimony video.

To hear Lange's story in her own words, click here.

Olivia Bruening (Brick and Block Masonry)

RIVEROAK Technical College offers the opportunity for you to grow as a student and as an individual. Hear how Masonry student Olivia Bruening grew during her time at RIVEROAK.

 To hear Bruening's story in her own words, click here.

Dixie Randolph (Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality)

Dixie Randolph attended RIVEROAK Technical College for a year before landing her dream job. Listen to her recall her time spent at RIVEROAK.

To hear Randolph's story in her own words, click here.

Karreem Armalin (ABE and Welding Technology)

Karreem Armalin is a student who is simultaneously enrolled in Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Welding Technology in pursuit of his GED and Welding certification.  Karreem shares his thoughts on RIVEROAK and its programs.

To hear Armalin's story in his own words, click here.

Jake Arbansas (Electricity)

Jake Arbansas found his way to RIVEROAK once he knew he wanted a hands-on learning environment.

Hear his story and how RIVEROAK impacted his life.