RIVEROAK sent a group of 20 students to the State of Florida's SkillsUSA competition.

Congratulations to the following students for placing at state:

Brayden Mercer - Third Place. Welding (high school)

Carlos Romulo - Second Place. Collision Repair (high school)

Andrew Haines - First Place. Masonry (adult)

Austin Marlowe - Third Place. Masonry (high school)

Natalie High - Fourth Place. Masonry (high school)

Niklas Holub - Second Place. Masonry (high school)

Kinley Steichen - Third Place. Early Childhood Education (high school)

Congratulations to Tyler Moore, Jacob Holub, Jessie Moran and Brandon Wainwright for placing second in the TeamWorks high school competition.

Haines will gets to advance to the national competition for SkillsUSA with his first place finish at the state competition.